approa­ches to
employ­ment law.

It’s a people’s business!


Who we are


I am a Certified Employment Law Specialist and founder and name-giver of the employment lawfirm Studio Hinz.

Why did I study law and why did I become a lawyer?

Who knows? Nobody had expected that. Least of all me. But, a crazy idea turned into a really, really big passion.

What are my professional qualities?

#clear #thorough #creative #opinionated #connected

What characterizes my council?

My perspective always encompasses more than just the legal aspects: I know the workings of my clients’ companies, their service/product, I am familiar with current HR trends and always incorporate strategic and corporate cultural considerations into my advice. In essence: I do more than just discuss the relevant laws – I do it with a view to the latest HR trends with HR staff at eye level.

I deliver tailor-made employment law solutions. Solutions that can sometimes be unconventional, but always pragmatic. My recommendation will be delivered in the preferred manner: crystal clear and blunt to be readily understood and flourished without all the legal mumbo-jumbo to impress. When I advise or argue for clients in court, one thing is clear: it is about winning, about getting the best out of it for the client. But not only the short-term legal goals, but also the medium- and long-term corporate strategic goals and the corporate culture of the client will be taken into account. Only then can council be effective and sustainable.

What is my consulting approach based on?

Everything that has to do with strategic and corporate cultural challenges has always appealed to me. Add a lot of professional experience and managing the “HR Leaders Berlin” network and you get someone who is always at the cutting edge of HR.

And of course, labour and employment law and human resources are my passion. This has always been the case and is reflected in my professional career:

  • I studied law in my home town at the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg. Already during my studies, I specialized in labour and employment law and from the 2nd year onwards I worked as a research assistant in labour law at one of the leading law firms in the field of labour and employment law, Hümmerich (today “Hümmerich.legal”) for more than three years.
  • In my first state examination, I was the best exam candidate in labour and employment law at state level and achieved the highest grade of 18 points, which had never ever been awarded before.
  • I completed my mandatory legal clerkship at the Berlin Court of Appeal. In the second state examination, I was also one of the top exam candidates in the state in labour and employment law. During my legal clerkship, I worked in the field of employment law at the major international lawfirms LOVELLS (today “Hogan Lovells”) and Linklaters.
  • In 2007, I was admitted to the bar in Germany and then worked for the market-leading employment law boutique KLIEMT for almost seven years.
  • In 2014, at the age of only 36, I became a partner in the international lawfirm BEITEN BURKHARDT.
  • At the beginning of 2018 I joined the employment lawfirm vangard as a partner.

And now I own my own: Studio Hinz. Finally!


I am Corinna Ehrhardt, legal assistant and Client Relations Manager at Hinz Studio.

Why did I want to become a paralegal and work in a lawfirm?

I have always had a passion for organizing and managing. Coincidence has made me what I always wanted to be: a member of a powerful team of lawyers.

What are my professional qualities?

#comitted #well-reflected #service-oriented #interested #love-my-job

What characterizes my services for clients of Studio Hinz?

I am the contact person for our clients in all organizational matters: I am familiar with every client and mandate and can provide information at any time on the current processing status of your affairs and the next steps to be taken. I ensure that all documents are managed accurately, organize meetings and court hearings as well as training courses.

What is my service approach based on?

I can now look back on many years of professional experience as a legal assistant and over the years have specialized in working in labour and employment law teams:

  • My first professional training made me a Medical Technical Assistant (MTA) by state examination. Freshly trained, I took the unique opportunity to take over the secretariat for the Head of Cardiology at the Charité Berlin, Dr. Prof. Christian Witt, where I developed my great organizational talent and gained valuable experiences in managing a secretary’s office.
  • Later, I decided to move from the medical to the legal field. In 2006, I completed my second vocational training as a legal and notary assistant with the top mark “very good” before the Berlin Bar Association.
  • My following time as an independent legal and notary assistant in various law firms/legal fields has sharpened my view of many things, including economic entrepreneurial thinking, goal-oriented action and absolute commitment. Our clients still benefit from this today.
  • In 2007, I moved from self-employment to the employment law department in the Schwarz Kelwing Wicke Westpfahl lawfirm (today FPS Fritze Wicke Seelig). Since then, employment law has been exactly “my thing”.
  • In 2011, I moved to the lawfirm Schwenke & Schuetz, where of course I also worked in the field of labour and employment law.
  • In 2014, I moved to the then newly founded employment law boutique vangard. As an assistant from the very beginning, I played an active role in the development and expansion of the lawfirm and was instrumental in its success.

And then this one lawyer joined vangard, who did things differently, in a new and fresh way and who works with a not yet experienced client focus and who lives a vision of modern legal services, Katja Hinz.

So now Studio Hinz. Finally!

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The best in bar exams, partners in major international law firms and leading employment law boutiques, many years of experience as classic litigators – we have quite a history.


Where we are
coming from

We can look back on more than fifteen years of professional experience in major international lawfirms and leading employment law boutiques – listed in specialist journals as the leading employment law experts in the country, highly valued by long-standing clients and colleagues. We are proud of these past experiences and success stories; without them we would not be where we are today.

Legally, however, it is not possible to travel to the new world using methods and templates from the old world. We believe, that consulting the journey to the new world requires new techniques, too.


drives us

Digitalization, new work, working 4.0 and HR are our passion. Companies are facing challenges due to digital change that require new strategies, solutions and processes. However, it is not legally possible to break new grounds with the working methods and templates of the past decades, rather new consulting approaches are required.

We do not operate in the often – and rightly – lamented focus on ‘prohibition mode’, i.e. focusing on the problem rather than the solution. Instead, our legal attitude and actions aim to contribute to our clients’ future working environment in a sustainable fashion: effectively implementing their HR and corporate strategies. Our work is not already done once we have identified and communicated legal risks. No, our work only just begins once we have identified and communicated legal risks and it is only done when we are able to offer our clients practical solutions – or guiding them onto a new path. This is what drives us, whether it is a challenging restructuring project or advising on day-to-day labour law issues.